Vet Recommended – Dog Dry Skin Treatment – Helps Dog Hair Loss Regrowth – Dog Dry Nose & Cracked Paws – Works with Hot Spot Treatment For Dogs & Helps with Dogs With Dry Skin – USA Made (8oz/240ml)

dog-skin-cream-websiteINSTANT SOOTHING RELIEF: Soothe your dogs damaged skin, relieve burning & itching from hot spots & is a perfect dog allergy treatment. Our dog skin treatment will calm the skin without using steroids.

INGREDIENTS TO PROMOTE HAIR GROWTH: With cooling ingredients such Vitamin E to calm the skin and Emu Oil that accelerates hair growth for hair loss dogs; it will provide relief for dry skin for dogs.

DRY SKIN FOR DOGS: Provides a piece of heaven for hot spots for dogs, dry itchy skin dogs & dry noses that causes our pooches to be unhappy. Use cream to massage problems areas & give them serenity.

EASY TO USE: Simply apply to fingertips and gently massage the soothing dog skin treatment cream in the affected area. Can be used together with Vet Recommended hot spot treatment for dogs 8oz spray.

OUR SAFE COMMITMENT: Our packaging is made with recycled materials and eco-friendly. Safe for your pet, but also minimal environmental impact on our planet. We do not promote testing on animals.

Let’s face it, we hate to see how beloved dog suffer.

Dry skin dogs and dog with dry and cracked paws are unhappy dogs. This can lead to bleeding, infection and pain. Our balm will reverse these issues and help prevent them from reoccurring.

That’s why at Vet Recommended, we developed a soothing cream that helps your best friend with cracked, rough skin, itchiness, fungal infections and can also work with a dog hot spot treatment. This is the perfect anti itch cream for dogs.

Dog shampoo for dry skin can help, but this dog skin treatment will help in not only soothing the dry skin, but promote hair growth.


The healing properties of Vitamin E and emu oil contained in the skin cream treatment. From the very first application, the Vet Recommended Skin Treatment restores cracked nose and paws, dry skin, hot spots, reduce fungus, wounds, itchy skin, restore hair loss and transform it into healthy, moisturized skin.

Use with a dog dry skin supplement, or simply use on it’s own. Our deep skin treatment is a piece of luxury that your dog will love; not to mention will stop itching, which can lead to them chewing on their paws and other problem areas.

How to Use the Dog Skin Treatment:

1) Simply apply soothing cream to affected areas once or twice a day, depending on severity of skin condition.

2) Gently massage the emu oil cream into the problems areas. Simple!

Dry skin dogs are unhappy dogs, because they are itching, scratching and damaging their skin. Many of our customers are using our anti-itch spray along with our bitter spray for dogs and our dog dry skin shampoo or oatmeal dog shampoo.

You are fully protected by our 100% No Guilt Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee. 100% Money Back Guarantee. Don’t like it, simply get your money back.

All the products we manufacture are of the highest quality and are derived from natural sources. We are eco-friendly and our packaging is recyclable, animal friendly and does not promote testing on animals.

Vet Recommended only wants your pet to be the happiest on the block. You and your dog are covered by our full and complete, no guilt, no questions money back guarantee. Your pets are safe because we love your pet as much as you do.

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