Try the Vet Recommended Natural Relief for Dry Itchy Dog and Won’t Strip the Coat – Medicated For Best Pet Odor Eliminator Leaving Your Dog Fresh and Clean – Soaps and Detergents Free

oatmeal-dog-shampooDEMAND THE BEST PET WASH FOR YOUR MOST LOVED FAMILY MEMBER: At Vet Recommended, we have carefully crafted a delicate balance of enriching ingredients for those dogs that deserve the best for their coat and skin. Our oatmeal based dog shampoo was formulated to give your dog the best wash without stripping their coat.

WASH THEIR COAT WITH THE BEST NATURAL INGREDIENTS: At Vet Recommended we know that what you put on your dog’s coat and skin, will directly affect their health. Our Oatmeal Dog Shampoo is simply the result of research. Delicate and soothing ingredients such as coconut, almond oil, oat proteins, botanical extracts, wheat germ glycerides and vitamins A, D and E glycerin assures your dog is only getting the best.

A TEAR FREE EXPERIENCE MEANS A HAPPY DOG: Our tear free formulation is the result being completely soap and detergent free. Our shampoo contains natural oils and extracts that do not irritate or inflame your dog’s eyes or nose, ensuring that bath time is an enjoyable and bonding experience.

ITCHY DOG SHAMPOO WILL PROVIDE RELIEF FOR THEM AND SOOTH THEIR SKIN: We LOVE your dog as much as you do and demand the best for them. Flea bite allergy, grass allergies and food allergies can cause skin problems. Vet Recommended premium oatmeal dog shampoo for dogs provides soothing relief; PLUS it moisturizes, sanitizes their skin and relieves irritation associated with insect bites. Formulated for pets who are suffering from specific allergies. This dog shampoo oatmeal formulation will absolutely delight your dog.

OUR COMMITMENT TO THE ENVIRONMENT AND ANIMALS: Our commitment to nature and the environment is something we take very seriously. For that reason we believe that manufacturing and packaging should be conducted in a way that is ethical and responsible so it doesn’t affect the environment. Our packaging is made with recycled materials, eco-friendly and fully recyclable and the pet shampoo formulation will not only be safe for your dog, but also have minimal environmental impact on our planet. What goes down the drain is just as important as what goes on your dog. Our goal is a minimal impact on the ecosystem and all animals great and small. Vet Recommended is animal friendly and does not promote testing on animals.

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