Vet Recommended – Beef Rawhide Chips | Quality Rawhides for Dogs – Long Lasting Dog Chew – USA Beef (2-lb Bag)

DOG LOVE EM’ GUARANTEE: Your best friend will go CRAZY over this popular all-natural dog treat. If your dog doesn’t love our dog chews, simply get your money back…easy! It’s a DELICIOUSNESS YOUR DOG WILL LOVE!

BEST DOG TREATS FOR AGGRESSIVE CHEWERS: The hard raw hide encourages quality chewing which can reduce tartar and improve your dogs overall oral dental health, gums and hygiene. Perfect for the most intense chewers.

BULK 2 POUND BAG: This bulk pack is a wholesome hide that your dog can get their teeth into. Perfect for medium and large dogs, these rawhide chips will satisfy their need to chew and keep their teeth clean in the process.

USA SOURCED BEEF: The perfect alternative to rawhide bones made in the USA, these rawhides will have your dog going crazy and begging for more. This delicious pack of rawhide beef chips are FDA approved from beef sourced here in the USA. Naturally gluten free! That’s right, NO Gluten, NO Preservatives, NO Grains.

TAIL THUMPING EFFECT: As soon as your dog will hear the rawhide chips bag open, their tail will be thumping in anticipation and excitement for the deliciousness that’s about to come. This dog treat will keep them busy and happy with a long lasting chew.

Why Dogs Love Our Rawhide Beef Chips?

Let’s face it, we absolutely love our dogs and we want them to have the best; after all they are an important part of our family. The Vet Recommended Rawhide Beef Chips are made from premium beef with a texture and feel that dogs absolutely love.

The thickness of the chip is important and we have taken care to ensure that our chips are the right thickness for your dogs liking.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re giving your best friend a treat that’s safe and that they’ll love. You will also have the immense pleasure of knowing your dog is happy and content.

What Can You Expect From Your Best Friend?

When your dog catches a glimpse of you opening the bag, you can expect sheer excitement. The anticipation of chomping on this delectable dog treat is priceless. You’ll have their tail smacking the floor and begging you for more! Your dog will follow you around the house as they won’t be able to get enough of this wholesome hide dog treat.

They’ll love you even more than they already do.